Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hey There Cowboys!

The Settles Brothers...

We went on a little drive the other day to check out a little bump in road called Muddy Pond, TN. It is a Mennonite community about 30 miles northeast of us. There is a general store, leather shop, and lunch bar. The general store had, what appeared to be, co-op items that were bagged for individual portions and some furniture and other wood crafts. There was even those most adorable straw Amish hats that the little boys wear. Soooo cute. The leather shop had all the paraphernalia  for horses and other general tools for farm life. We picked up three leather belts for the three little boys that were custom fit and in the deal they each got a wood pistol and holster. Hence the photos included! Samuel was down for a nap and it's doubtful that he would have allowed a hat to sit atop that stubborn little (cute) head. And Emery was invited to spend that day with a friend so he did not go with us. And besides, he has THREE belts!! Ha. We enjoyed a sandwich at The Front Porch and then took a little drive further east to Crossville and stopped at a winery before heading back to Cookeville. It was a nice day and we stretched our stakes a little further to see what was around us. We're thinking of heading to Sieverville (a town in the Smokies by Dollywood) for a mini vacation at the end of the month at one of our timeshare resorts.  So much to see!