Sunday, January 13, 2008

Backwards In Time

Yesterday the whole crew took a bike ride together. Our little mile loop safely tucked in our not-so-developed development got a little practical use from our family. Jay and Rachel left their bikes (since we sold ours at our monstrous garage sale back in BG) and so we loaded all up... Sam and Jack in the trailer towed by Kurt, Asa on his Hotwheels bike with training wheels, Emery "Armstrong" Settles runnin' circles around us all and not to forget Lucy tucked inside the basket attached to Kurt's handle bars. 

First, not even 50 feet from the driveway, Kurt lost his balance on the side of the road and went on an unplanned/unexpected 4x4 adventure in the woods. Upon his getting control, Lucy was still safely tucked in the basket (no doubt totally confused as to what that was all about) and Jack and Sam were SQUEALING with delight at the bouncing, crazy ride! The rest of the ride just paled in comparison. Asa is still getting those leg muscles developed so I tagged back with him for encouragement and the occasional push. It would be nice to get one of those Alley Cats to help the little boys learn the coordination and still be able to ride at a pace faster than, say, a turtle. Kurt and I dropped the boys off at the house and went for a quick run around the loop together to enjoy some speed and about 10 minutes of a "date". Heh heh.

All this, by the way, is following some recoveries... Asa, Jack and Samuel got an eye virus that oozed greenish gook and water from their sweet little swollen eyes. They had red bags under their eyes that almost looked like someone socked 'em! We determined it wasn't pink-eye and were told to just keep them clean and so after a few days they cleared up. Emery and Kurt got a slight sore throat and  general cold symptoms but has seemed to escape anything extreme. Me? you ask? I got strep-throat. I went to the doctor and got a "poke in the butt" as the (female) doctor described it, and after a couple days I started feeling better. 

I seem to be going backwards... while we were all in the midst of being at our sickest my dear, dear friend, Tammy, and her children Allyson and Andrew came to visit on their way home from OKC to GA. They stayed for a couple of days - oh, what a joy it was to spend time with my friend from our Fort Hood, TX days. Please pray for her husband Glen who is in Iraq right now. He is anticipated to be home in August or so. He is a true soldier in our Army as well as for Christ. If you ever get the opportunity to meet the Clubb's you will be blessed.

Ta-ta for now and perhaps I can get Kurt to liven things up around here.

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