Thursday, March 13, 2008

From A Distance

I am continually brought to tears over the distance of, you, my friends and family. Not that it lingers in a debilitating way, but that I get that pang of sadness knowing that I cannot just hop in the car and be in your presence (without traveling for days!) and get "filled up" with what each person pours to my life.  

But the knowledge that I am loved and I know how to love is a big "aha!" that has grown in me since my departure from the Northwest. It all, of course, stems from my Heavenly Father's presence in my life; I love because He first loved me. Which assures my place with Him and that His "best" is pursued here in my physical life. 

That proof that He gave me (that He loves me) was demonstrated by God sending His Son as the final sacrifice to be paid for me. He provided the final perfect "lamb" to end all future question. And His simple direction of loving my neighbor as the greatest command comforts me that His best is on my heart.

In simple words; I miss you. It's not a trite phrase to me from the state of Tennessee. It comes from deep within me that allows me the fruit of sorrow, the happiness of emotional pain. I am one lucky girl who cherishes the fact that I can say, "I'm homesick for you."

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