Monday, September 1, 2008

The Rod of Love

This past Friday and Saturday Kurt and I attended one of the maaaaany meetings going on in the PB world this summer. This particular meeting was featuring a man by the name of Sonny Pyles. I had read indirectly about him from an author by the name of Tom Hagler and was anxious to be an audience member at this particular meeting.

Before I share with you a delightful nugget that I was given, let me share my observations of this man (accurate in my view, but subjective as well, so keep that in mind). Elder Pyles is a humble man with a powerful message. He presents himself in such a way that exemplifies the scripture describing our permission to approach the throne of grace with boldness. He demonstrated his knowledge and wisdom in scripture and his calling to share this wealth to God's children throughout his talk with his audience. His physical stature was slightly bent but his cowboy boot (and hat) spirit pointed to an upright, stand-tall southern gentleman with a message to be heard. All that said, I felt the Lord glorified and was directed to *His* Word, not his [Edler Pyles'] word.

The topic was the fear of the Lord and in his illustration of chastisement and the scripture references throughout the Bible.  Elder Pyles gave a personal example of such an event in his life and the practical application of the example; he described an incident in his young life where he was to experience "the rod" by his mother. As he squirmed and attempted to avoid the blow(s) his mother would be holding him at arms' length and therefore have a wide sweeping line of site on her target. Thus the blows were quite effective in their sting. Over a short period of time the young Sonny discovered that if he would, instead, cling to his mother's legs that the blows were less severe. Not in spirit but in actual physical effect. In essence, Elder Pyles' suggestion is to run TO the Lord in chastisement and not FROM the Lord. 

My personal thought is that of justification that the Lord is, indeed, Lord. Agreeing with God that I an erring child does not make Him God - nothing that I say or do can alter such a fact. His desire for me to see myself closer to the way *He* sees me is an honorable purpose in the life I've been given. And if I am to run to Him in crisis to see that I am veering (or totally lost) from His  Truth, then I need to take the "blows" of a loving God who only desires me to succeed. 

6For whom theLord loveth he chastenethand scourgeth every son whom he receiveth7If ye endure 
chasteningGod dealeth with you as with sonsfor what son is he whom the father chasteneth not8But 
if ye be without chastisementwhereof all are partakers,then are ye bastardsand not sons9Furthermore 
we have hadfathers of our flesh which corrected usand we gave them reverenceshall we not much 
rather be in subjection unto the Father of spiritsand live10For they verily for a few days chastened us 
after their own pleasurebut he for our profitthat we might be partakers of his holiness11Now no 
chastening for the present seemeth to be joyousbut grievousnevertheless afterward it yieldeth the 
peaceable fruit of righteousness untothem which are exercised thereby12Wherefore lift up the hands
which hang downand the feeble knees13And make straight paths for your feetlest that which is lame 
be turned out of the waybut let it rather be healed

I understand that Elder Pyles will be in Pigeon Forge, TN sometime in the near future and I hope to hear his message again, Lord willing. I thought of so many of my family in Christ as I heard this message - not that they needed to hear it for enlightenment of sin in their lives but for encouragement and practical Godly living. 

Peace and blessing to everyone who reads. Our life in this earthly kingdom is one meant for glorifying Christ and enjoying Him forever. Thanks to the ones in my life who share their life's purpose with me and my family.

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JunkerJorge said...

I have been listening to him on my MP3, very interesting, things I never had heard before