Saturday, May 2, 2009

Now for something completely different!

We're now nearly halfway through the year and things continue on, but The Lord, while always faithful, is not without a sense of humor. On March 31st Anji's ultrasound revealed that the latest addition to our family will be female. Now, to some families that may not come as much of a shock, but to one with a (current) 5-to-1 ratio of males to female(s) it can be. (That ratio does not include the dog, in case you were wondering).
This revelation has sent both Anji and my minds abuzz with new thought patterns. Girls, first and foremost, may wear pink on occasions other than Easter. Girls, we are told (by liars, no doubt) are "easier" than boys. Girls, we know, have dissimilarities in many other ways: some obvious to the casual observer, some not.
The news of our newest's gender also deeply disturbed Number One Boy, who has spent way too much thought on the necessity of the girl having her own room, girl toys, and the various accoutrements common to the fairer sex. He sees her as interloper in a distinctly masculine environment. He will undoubtedly be her greatest protector and supporter among her siblings as the years pass.
So we anxiously await her arrival in August and pray for her and her Mama's health constantly.
In other news:
-We (with Dad and Mom's help) put up a playset and basketball hoop in the backyard.
-Number Two and Three Boys are playing soccer. I am coaching. It is hilarious and great fun.
-Anji was sick, sick, sick during her first trimester. Maybe because Biscuit is a girl? Nonetheless, she is much better now and is beginning to really show.
-I am still employed and have recently returned from Illinois.
That about wraps it up. Further updates to come, no doubt, but if you're on Facebook be sure to befriend Anji for a more real-time view of our goings-on. Until next time may God bless you and keep you.

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holly daniele smith said...

Oh how fun! Yay, a girl-- congratulations! :) The boys will adore her, I'm sure.