Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ah... broadband...

What Anji didn't tell you in the earlier post was that we've finally got broadband (and therefore the office set up) at the house. We've been "suffering" with the rather poor, barely tolerable, data connection through our phone. So hopefully we'll be posting a bit more will definitely be putting more pictures up. If you're interested in viewing our Flickr pictures (for family and friends only), let us know and we'll send you an invite.

I am thankful that we've settled in a bit more. Having Dad and Mom here for a few days has been very nice and, of course, very helpful. They helped us get the last item out of the ABF trailer - the piano - and Mom's introduced us to caramel puffed corn - a Tennessee recipe that's absolutely addicting. We might be willing to share it with you if you beg like a whiny baby. Or not...

While we haven't exactly unpacked everything (which seems like we haven't unpacked anything), we are starting to get the basics down: there are toothbrushes and toilet paper in the bathrooms, dishes and utensils in the kitchen, and did I mention BROADBAND?!

Good night all. We'll catch up with you from Georgia or back here at home when the weekend wraps up.

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