Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Army/11th State/Kin/ER

Remember the earlier post about whether or not we were in our right minds about our schedule we were keeping? Well, we are pretty sure we spread this butter waaaaaay too thin...

We drove to Augusta, Georgia, where Fort Gordon resides, on Thursday to make a retirement dinner that evening. The reunion with our friends was sweet and we had memories about the military community, ceremony and tradition. Our friend, Command Seargent Major Michael Terry, and his wife, Ginny, were honored for all the years they poured into our Army. The old saying, give back a borrowed item in better condition than when you received it, is how Mike and Ginny exited active Army life. Their finger prints will be all over the great stuff that the Army is doing for it's soldiers and families.

So Friday morning we attended the retirement ceremony at "Signal Tower" and then headed for Kurt's brother's place. Well, almost. I discovered that South Carolina was "just over there" and wanted the state line photo for this trip. We took a little detour into North Augusta (yes, it's in SC - the city kinda spills over the state line there) and got the photo after we ate at Zaxby's chicken joint. We counted that to be the 11th state that we visited since the 13th of this month.

That afternoon we met Kurt's parents (who had the boys) at his brother's house in Griffin, GA. They live just south of Atlanta. We had a nice reunion with Kit and Tracy and their family. Emery was ALL OVER the ATV and Asa and Jack were into the trampoline (yikes, for those who know the Carvers). We had a little birthday bbq for Rachel and then headed for home...

...at least we thought...

We were just passing the Atlanta airport when I just got to feeling funny and then my chest got all tight and my hands and feet began to tingle rather fiercely. Kurt pulled over and I got out to walk. I tried to make a fist with my hands and my fingers felt as though they were getting stuck so I kept them in a fist while I kept walking in circles. I thought it was passing when I got back in the car and it started again. Kurt was on the GPS locating a hospital to find one only five minutes away. It was a long five minutes.

After being admitted overnight all the tests came back clear of any cardiac issue. Thank my Lord. They did discover a low potassium level and gave me big horse pills to correct it. I still don't feel quite 100% but just knowing that I am not having a heart attack is keeping my anxiety at bay. I plan on getting hooked up with a local doc to continue some suggested treatment by the Atlanta folks.

So, we're staying particulary quiet here at home. I unpacked one box yesterday and cooked some meals. It felt good to have domestic tasks to accomplish - in my new, beautiful home. I tried to take a bath in my Jacuzzi only to have two visitors who took it over. Asa and Jack were into the bubbles and jets!!

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summer said...

Hey gal!

Wow, what a scary trip!

I'm not sure if we were around when Mom was taking more trips to the ER - twice a year, give or take. And it was always a potassium deficiency (same exact thing). It was very scary. Every time. You should talk with her more about it - about things that helped or brought it on, etc... Cuz tho' its' a potassium deficiency, there were certain actual things that would stimulate an "attack". And every time took her to the ER. It was always surprising that they sent her home, cuz it felt like a heart attack.

Wow, what a trip! Well, stay home and bake and dust and vacuum. Just lay low being Mommy!

Love you,