Monday, October 15, 2007

Ahhh, Sweeet Rest

We were so tired last night after a bit of a challenging day and night that we all slept rather soundly in our cheap/ancient accommodations! All three of the boys actually slept in the same queen bed - together. It would only be possible with total exhaustion. Poor Emery was relegated to the middle where both little boys pretty quickly acted like magnets and threw their appendages over his body. No one seemed to mind until Jack woke up the next morning complaining that Em was too close to him! Stinker.

Our drive today was so restful in that we finally stopped climbing and the roads straightened out. It seemed whenever I took over the first couple of days is where the road construction would begin/it would rain/it was dark. Today I only took the wheel for the last 100 miles because Kurt was rested and the roads were simple. Nice.

We had some snow in WY and CO, a little bit of wind in KS but it was great. No DVD marathon today. Em got to watch a movie while the little ones were snoozing.

So far we've seen deer (both alive and dead), possums/racoons (all dead), antelope, coyote, buffalo, wild cows and horses. The "wild" is what Em calls them. Apparently, if they are not in a corral or fenced field of some effect, well, they are wild. I kinda wonder where the owners are too and how they find them when it's time for, uh, finding them?! It is VAST out here!!! I'm such a city girl...

Well we are trying to figure out how to upload some photos for you so as soon as my incredibly geeky, er, insanely intelligent husband gets his hands on this we will probably be really bloggin'!!


summer said...

Your blog has left me pleased with your peace, humbled by your willingness, and sad for your leaving.

Despite my mixed emotions (and lack of restraining them!), I'm so glad you've set up a blog, and can continually chat with us about your going-on's!

The trip has sounded smooth - especially smooth as you rock in your new <<>>. Tom & Jerry have much to give, and were an integral part of my childhood. We were watching an episode with my tykes a while back when I was surprised to see a character puffing away at a stogey. Wow, funny how I didn't remember that as a child! LOL!

I've always been awed by "wild" cows. Seriously, how DO ranchers know where they are? In Idaho, where we have our annual family reunion camping trip there are cows. Thing is, we're hours away from human LIFE. Impressive. I know we won't go hungry!

Well, I'm off to get some breakfast, and to prepare for delivery. Things boomed, and this week I've had to tell people we're sold out. WOW!

Your Friend & Cow Sniffer,
(OK, that just doesn't sound right)


coderunners said...

Wow! Thanks for taking us along w/ you! Fun to hear your happenings!
keri (for all the Coders)