Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Certifiably Insane?

Yes, I am questioning Kurt and my mental status as I consider the fact the it is nearly ten o'clock in the evening and we have planned to drive a 6+ hour drive to attend a retirement ceremony/dinner at Fort Gordon, GA. And we just got done driving 2600+ miles to get here only a few days ago?!!?!

In all sincerity though, this person that we are honoring is the top NCO in the Army's Signal Corps. He has been in the army for 34 years which is only a new concept being that 20 used to be the max. Mike Terry is a model soldier of integrity and moral leadership and Kurt and I were blessed to have met him and his wife, Ginny, to benefit from their mentorship while we were stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. We even had the opportunity to meet them at the Honolulu airport one year as we passed through on the way from a family reunion while they were stationed there on Oahu.

So, here's where it gets even more complicated... we will be leaving the Boanerges with Kurt's parents in Cookeville who arrived Monday for a visit in the midst of their five month 50th wedding anniversary U.S. trek. On our way back from the retirement thingy we are going to take a short detour and stop in at Kurt's brother's family home outside Atlanta, GA to stay the night where Jay and Rachel will have driven all the boys (and don't forget Lucy) in their little motorhome earlier that day... is this making sense? And then the next day we will take all the boys (and pooch) home to an unpacked house and try to start up again. And Kurt will go to work on Monday. I can't wrap this noggin around all this...

So, as a status report I have decided to use photos of the garage to assist in showing progress on all this unpacking. It ain't pretty, huh? Pray for us... pray HARD!

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