Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Norms...

Here are my observations of our new community...

~Garbage pickup service is NOT all that common here. Reason being that Putnam County residences pay a garbage tax. There are facilities established in various areas where we are allowed to take household garbage without addtitional fees. Interesting. For this reason alone we are considering getting a small trailer to save $22 per month for the local disposal services. Oh, and recycling is OPTIONAL!! Although we have been so trained in Washington that we feel so guilty/naughty putting the milk jug in the garbage.

~Every location in Cookeville is based on where it lies from the Putnam County Court House. When the pizza joint is checking whether they deliver to our home address, we respond, "About six miles north of the square." It's a hoot.

~Tennessee drivers like to honk (to show irritation - not those happy toots). They also like to drive relatively fast.

~Cookeville is teetering close to idol worship of it's local Tennessee Tech sports teams... football particularly. Don't tell anyone here I said that. They may egg my house.

~Sweet tea is the standard. If you don't want sweet tea, ya have to say so. Me? I LOVE that. Kurt? No.

~Chick-Fil-A (fast food chicken place) is closed on Sundays. They also participate in Operation Christmas Child with Samaritan's Purse. They're giving away FREE chicken sandwiches for each box that you bring in next week. Hmm. Think these folks may have a Christian owner/board?

~There are a TON of banks. Big ones, little ones, credit unions. Good grief. I just wanted one with the word Tennessee in the title. Hence, First National Bank of TENNESSEE. Heh heh.

~There is Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General Market. (??)

~The local grocery store, Krogers, takes my Fred Meyer Rewards card. The checkers always look funny at the card.

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marytexas said...

This made me laugh!

Here are my observations on your observations on your new community (sorta our old community~same area, different county)...

When we were there we had choices. There were garbage companies galore! And we had our pick of pickup days. Once, twice, three times a week. And they picked up EVERYTHING!

Amen on the Tennessee drivers. Forget the common courtesy of the slower Texas drivers who pull over and drive on the shoulder to let the faster traffic pass.

And FOOTBALL!!! I think it may have long passed the idol worship point. Have you seen all the cars with the football flags zipping down the road? Have you seen the cars and houses painted the football team colors? Have you seen the checks you can get with your football team logo?

I'm with you on the un/sweet tea. A standard dish served in every restaurant, including the national chains, is "fried apples."

Chic-Fil-A is owned by a Christian.

Banks...have you come across the 3/5 National Bank yet? I am not kidding.

Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree...hhmmmm....just like Texas....

I remember Kroger. That was Shandy's very first job.