Sunday, November 11, 2007

My First Baby is Eleven

Yup, he's all that. A handsome, charming guy. Emery turned eleven today. And I can recall nearly every moment of his first breaths, cries (and poop) while at the hospital.

He received his gifts this morning; a Playmobil Pirate set, some comic books, and (yikes) a pocket knife. I have to admit that these are things that his father was quite excited about giving - me? - I was informed that his was what a boy would like so I passively shrugged and continued with my laundry. When he went to open the packages the little brothers were all over him like bees on honey!! The knife was put up shortly after opening and, well, Asa kinda took over the Playmobil after Em moved on to the comics. After that Kurt took the three older boys to Waffle House (per request of Em, of course). Emery said that it was "unique" because the waitresses served the meals from behind the counter. They had a good time. Sam was taking a nap at home while I continued on that laundry chore I mentioned earlier.

Me? Well, I gave him what my mother has indoctrinated in me by fixing him his choice of meal and each ingredient that was mixed in had a stir of grateful love for Emery's presence in my life. We watched the Disney animated movie, Ratatouille, last night and there was a scene where a cynical critic was reviewing the food of this restraunt and when he took the first bite he went into a memory fog. One of him as a child at his kitchen table being served by his mother the same dish. And the crotchety old guy was moved to tears. And there's the opportunity for us mother's - provide those meals that will bring back sweet memories. Of not only the tasty dish but of the care that it was given not only to nourish but to LOVE. "The fruit of her hands..."

I know you are all wondering what the menu was...
Jambalaya (with shrimp - I usually do not include it)
Caesar Salad (with croutons - I usually do not include it)
French Bread
Root Beer (we usually drink water)
Cookie Cake

As you can read; not a picky guy. All the boys really enjoyed the meal and the cookie cake was a hit. Thanks to Walmart. Em picked it out yesterday when we were there but on the drive home he said the one thing that he didn't like about the store bought cookie was that there wasn't any spoon to lick if I were making it at home! That was funny.

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