Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving and a Gall Bladder

Thanksgiving was nice for our family. We had Kit (Kurt's brother) and his family and Kurt's parents join us for a themed day of "thankfulness". Kurt had a little history lesson on the day's origin and wrapped it up in thankfulness to a loving and generous God. He read the "Five Kernels of Corn" poem. Then we each had five kernels of corn on our plate and each one was an opportunity to share what we were thankful for. Our meal was wonderful and it was a real treat for us to have the honor of hosting a crowd (Kit's family consists of four youngun's too) with our more spacious accommodations.

On Monday I had a consult with a surgeon regarding my gall bladder situation. Since my MIL stayed behind while my FIL took Kit and his family home, we wanted to get the operation done quickly so Rachel could get back with her husband... after all, it is their 50th wedding anniversary trip!! I'm recovering quickly, I think. Last night was uncomfortable but with the consistent pain meds I was fine. And even now I am feeling like there is a little more range of movement without feeling stabbing pains in the tummy.

If you're up to it leave a comment or two, eh? It seems a little lonely here.


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summer said...

Wowie - so it sounds like you didn't just have a consult, but had surgery then? That all happened very fast!!!

We just got lights on the ol' Christmas tree today. Scott's been working funny hours since he's a "percenter" right now, so the kids are excited to give him a surprise when he gets home just before bed tonight. (don't worry - Scott said it was okay *snicker*).

MAN we miss you!

Love you,

Summer (& all of us)