Friday, November 9, 2007

Can You Tell A Difference?

Well, here it is. An update on the ol' garage... not too great, eh? Thing is, I can see more floor now but you can't really tell in this photo. The boxes are NOT organized so we still have a free for all trying to find specific things and "ooh, look what I found!!" moments otherwise.

I told Kurt that as soon as we get the garage under control we can get him a riding mower. It took him nearly two hours to push mow the yard the other night. I suggested to allow Em to do some of the mowing at one point but it started to get dark and Kurt took over nearly at a jog trying to get it all done before complete darkness! Ha ha! He took a bath afterwards (yes, in MY tub) and just to mess with him I sent all the boys in - and yes the tub accomodates fours monkeys and their dad.

P.S. We are missing everyone at home. Not that it's bad here (on the contrary it's quite nice) but "there's no place like home" is true. In a perfect world we could have just had y'all come along. Nah, that's a selfish world... but that's what you mean to us. Isn't is great to be needed?

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